Back Pain in Garden City KS

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

Pain is usually a sign that something is wrong with your body. If you're dealing with back pain in Garden City KS or are struggling with aches and pains in other parts of your body, a chiropractor can examine your body and find out what's causing your pain. Located in Garden City, KS, 1700 East 30th Ave Suite A, we at Keeler Chiropractic PA can treat back pain and other issues.

Back Pain Treatment In Garden City KS

There are many types of back pain and a number of issues that can cause pain, which is why treatments for back pain can vary based on the needs of the patient. It's likely that our chiropractor will make chiropractic adjustments to your spine and your joints. These manipulations are targeted and can help you heal from your pain.

Our chiropractor may also use soft tissue therapy to relieve muscle tension in your back. A sedentary lifestyle can make your back stiff. These manual therapies can help improve the range of motion in your back, allowing you to move more freely.

Spinal decompression may be used to treat back pain as well as other conditions, such as sciatica and neck pain. It's a form of traction that stretches your spine. While spinal decompression may sound intimidating, it can be a safe and effective treatment that can give you pain relief.

Neck Pain Treatment

Your neck and back are connected by your spine, which is why your treatment plan may also include treatment for neck pain. Our chiropractor may apply light manual pressure to your neck, reducing stiffness and soreness.

In addition to these kinds of treatments, our chiropractor may also suggest that you make lifestyle changes. One of the most common causes of neck pain is poor posture. Bad posture might also contribute to back pain, and addressing these issues can help you avoid pain and discomfort.

Other Treatments

People often visit a chiropractor because of a specific symptom, but chiropractic care is focused on whole-body wellness. This means that our chiropractor can treat issues throughout your body.

You may receive neck pain treatment or treatment for sciatica. Some of your symptoms could be caused by injuries that you sustained in the past, such as a concussion or a broken bone. Once these issues are treated, you may be able to feel the difference.

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Back pain can be what brings many people to a chiropractor, but chiropractors can help you recover from a range of issues, including a concussion. At Keeler Chiropractic PA in Garden City, KS, 1700 East 30th Ave Suite A we can create a treatment plan for you that can help improve your overall health. Don't wait to make an appointment. Call us at (620) 662-6607.


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